Health Support Aids

Health Support Aids

First Aid Kits and Emergency Preparedness Supplies in Kenya

First aid supplies and emergency preparedness kits are a must have for every home, office, school, car and for every individual. They allow you to respond promptly and efficiently to any emergency that may arise. MYDAWA allows you to order first aid kits and refills for all your emergency needs to be delivered to your home, office or chemist near you.


First Aid Products on

We have a wide range of first aid products available for order online like bandaids, bandages, gauze, antiseptic, adhesive tape, personal hygiene products, cold packs, bleeding control products, betadine solution, elastoplasts of various sizes, alcohol swabs, stop bleeding kits, eye care kits, splints, antiseptic wipes and other first aid and emergency products


First aid for burns

We have the kits that aid people seeking to perform first-aid on victims of burns and scalds to care for the burning are and care for the scars and blisters that form after.


First aid for kids

Kids are prone to accidents and injuries during play, at school and even at home. We ensure that you are well equipped to handle emergencies concerning your child.


Buy First Aid on MYDAWA

At MYDAWA, we have clinically tested first aid products for the needs of every school, home, parent, office and car. We discretely deliver your first aid products to homes, offices and chemists near you. Order first aid medications and supplements online on MYDAWA today.